Ba Be Lake - Land Of Lakes and Waterfalls

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Ba Be Lake - Land Of Lakes and Waterfalls

Things to do - general

Ba Be Lake lie in the middle of a vast limestone mountain range of Ba Be national park, belong to Ba Be District, Bac Kan Province, 240km from the north-west of Hanoi.

Ba Be Lake, located 145m above sea level, is among the largest natural lakes in Vietnam with a total surface area of 500ha. The surface of the lake was tranquil a beauty spot if ever there was one, in this land of so much beauty. Visitors will have an unforgettable stay in the mountains by the lakes, enjoying sightseeing boat trips, hikes, and water sports.

Ba Be Lake Vietnam area has a lot to offer, including waterfalls, rivers, valleys, lakes, and caves all set amidst picturesque landscapes. Ba Be Lake Vietnam is location in surrounded by National Park with many ancient trees, from which several varieties of precious wood are obtained. Up to 30 animal species such as wild pigs, bears, panthers, monkeys, and birds inhabit the area.

From Ba Be Lake, tourists can visit other neighboring scenic attractions such as Dau Dang Fall, Puong Cave, and Tien Pond. Passing by Puong Cave (30m high, 300m long), cruise past the villages of Tau, Cam and Hua Tang, and navigate the way through the river’s forks and brooks, tourists will reach Dau Dang Falls. The falls laps over 1,000m on three levels, each bursting with energy from the mountains that help fuel them.

The best time to visit Ba Be Lake

The best time to visit Ba Be Lake is during the dry season (winter and spring). In the wet season, the lake takes up water from the Nang River and regularly flooded. If travel at the time of Long Tong Festival on the 10th and 11th days of the first lunar month, there are traditional games and performance of surrounding ethnic tribal groups.

Getting There & Away

Car Transfer

The private 4, 7, 16, 29 and 45 seats car are possible please contact us.

Shuttle Bus: Hanoi – Ba Be Lake

This type of transfer is available for departing from Hanoi center only. The shuttle bus can be understood as “tourist bus”, leaving Hanoi around 07:30 and return at 13:00 from Ba Be Tourism Centre in the days of group tours. Please contact us

Sights & Activities

Cruising on Ba Be Lake

You can get on motorboat and have a cruise on Ba Be Lake. The lush forest clinging to the surrounding mountains is your backdrop as you explore the lake. During the boat trip you will visit the Puong Grotto and the Dau Dang waterfall. The scenery surrounding the lake is simply breathtaking, with the huge, old forest domina -ting in this landscape.

Trekking the National Park

You will be able to observe the local communities going about their daily life, which includes buffalos and their owners tending the fields.

Eating & Drinking

You can enjoy the tradition dishes with Local people at Homestay: one of the famous dishes here is grill fish.

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