Why Choose Us

Our company has been operating as a full travel services in Vietnam, Laos and Cambodia and we’ve been online for nearly a decade. That’s a long time in Internet terms. Here are several reasons why more than 2,000 clients per year put their faith in us, as their Indochina tour provider.

1. Choose an established tour operator you can trust

It’s our mission to offer you the adventure of a lifetime!

Whether you are a first-time adventure seeker or a seasoned independent traveller, we can help you to discover the Indochina’s most amazing people and places, cultures and landscapes. Whether you choose to travel on one of our comfortable overland expedition vehicles or take an adventure on public transport or take to the water on an Expedition Cruise, with Green Discovery Indochina Travel you will always experience Indochina in an authentic and exciting way. We provide holidays to suit solo travelers, couples, families and groups of friends, young or old… Whatever you are looking for, we’ll find the perfect holiday for you.
When you are booking the adventure tour of a lifetime, you need to know your holiday is safe. We can proudly guarantee the quality of our tours because we operate 95% of them ourselves and very few of our holidays are operated by third parties.

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2. Travel with like-minded people

Meet adventure seekers from all walks of life

Our travellers come in all shapes and sizes, from a wide variety of cultures, nations and backgrounds, and they all share an adventurous spirit, a strong sense of fun and a desire to see the world as it really is. Many Green Discovery Indochina travellers are aged between 25 and 45, but passengers of all ages are welcome on most of our tours as long as they are willing to integrate with the group and are enthusiastic. The fact that you are already reading this page means that you are already a Green Discovery Indochina traveller you just don’t know it yet! If you want to know more about people who travel with us, why not check out our online community on Facebook.

3. Travelling solo isn’t lonely

Meet like-minded people and make new friends

While many people travel as a couple or with friends, around half of our travellers come on their own as they know they will meet friendly, likeminded people along the way. Over the years, many of our passengers have told us that they have made lifelong friends on their Green Discovery Indochina Travel tour. There’s no such thing as a solo traveller when you’re on a journey with us because you won’t be travelling with strangers, just friends you haven’t met yet!
Group travel can seem daunting to solo travellers but don’t worry, our tour leaders are adept at helping to integrate newcomers into the group. You’ll also have plenty of time to explore on your own if you prefer to go your own way during your free time.

4.Discover Indochina Your Way!

We can offer you the adventure of a lifetime in a travel style to suit your needs

Whether you want to travel on local transport with chickens or hightail it across the rugged countryside on a powerful, modern and mighty overland truck, or choose your own personalized itinerary, Green Discovery Indochina Travel has a travel style for you. We also give you the choice of travelling with a group size that suits your travel personality.
Whether you want to meet as many people as possible along the way, or just keep it small intimate to give you that ‘friends on tour’ feeling, you will be able to see Vietnam, Laos and Cambodia your way. We aim to cater to the wide range of wants and needs of ALL the different kinds of adventure travellers out there. We also have the largest selection of departure dates available to fit in with your holidays so you can be sure to find the right tour at a time that suits you.

5. Relax… we’ll deal with the logistics

Many choose our tours because it makes travel so much easier

On our tours you are completely free from the hassle of booking your own accommodation, organising your own transport, finding your own excursions with quality guides. We employ only the best staff with the most extensive local knowledge, so you can rely upon them to find the best places to go for dinner and drinks, according to your needs and budget.
We aim to provide you with all the essentials to make your adventure travel trip as relaxing and easygoing as possible – the rest is up to you. Most Green Discovery Indochina Travel tour leaders speak some of the local language so they will be able to navigate through every situation smoothly and comfortably. In many places you’ll have the choice to explore with new friends or discover the destination independently if you wish.
The first and last day of each tour are free days for you to arrive or depart. Many clients like to spend extra time exploring the joining cities as there are many sights to see and do which you there may not be time to visit during your tour. Please bear this in mind when reserving your international flights and if you would like to book pre and post tour accommodation or airport transfers (if available), you can book through us.

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6. Quality and value

We are proud of the high standards we achieve and the value for money we offer

We take great care to ensure that our tours are the best value for money in the business, and we know that outstanding value means ensuring that all of the ingredients are right, not just the price. Many of the inclusions in our tours are the result of years of careful research to get the right balance of quality and adventure that is best suited to our travellers.
Inclusive prices and included excursions
If you are travelling to distant destinations, you certainly don’t want any expensive surprises or extra costs that you weren’t told about before you booked your tour. Green Discovery Indochina Travel is one of few up-front travel companies that tell you what is included and excluded in our brochure and on our website, rather than after you have booked your tour.
You will find that many included excursions on our tours are chosen for their quality, not their price. On each trip you may find there are some excursions that are not included. This might be because they are not to everyone’s taste or there may be various options of differing value to choose from and we want you to have the choice. There is generally enough time allowed for you to do the options offered, but if you prefer you can always spend some time exploring, sight-seeing or simply relaxing.

7. Make friends with local people

Get out there, meet local people and have fun!

Our itineraries are designed to allow you to become as involved as possible with the local communities we travel to.
Apart from hitting the major highlights of a destination, we also take you to those out-of-the-way local sights that guidebooks don’t know of and many tourists never have the chance to see. We like to encourage our travellers to have a fully interactive experience, all the while respecting local cultures and customs. See our responsible travel policy for more information about how we care for the people we visit and work with.
There is no better way to experience a culture than to learn its language. Brigh a phrase book and try out your conversational skills along the way.
When you embark on your tour or expedition cruise you’ll have new language skills, new friends, more confidence, a deeper understanding of the people and fantastic new insights into the culture of the destinations you’ll be visiting.
On many of our tours you will have opportunities to learn to cook authentic local cuisine in optional classes. There are also optional dance classes such as salsa and tango, and other activities like tai chi on offer, depending on the destination.

Halong Classic Sail

8. Activities and excursions

You can enjoy a range of outdoor activities and you don’t have to be super-fit

All you need to join in most of our activities is an adventurous spirit and the willingness to participate and have fun! Few other companies can boast as many included excursions as Green Discovery Indochina Travel – we visit national parks all overVietnam, Laos and Cambodia. There are also many extra options available on our tours – for example you can take a zip line through a jungle canopy in Luang Prabang, or go scuba diving in Mui Ne Sand dunes, cycling to explore ancient Angkor Wat, trekking through the thousand of rice paddies in Sapa… You can also try white water rafting, bungy jumping, snorkelling, active volcano climbing, horse riding and trekking among many other optional activities available.

9. Freedom and flexibility

Take your time and see the best a country has to offer

“Discovery Indochina your way” is our motto and it is something that we are passionate about. We express this passion by giving our clients the tools to discover Vietnam, Laos and Cambodia in the way that best suits them.
Small private groups – See Vietnam, Laos and Cambodia in the luxury in your own private vehicle with your own guide and driver.
Group Tours – The modular nature of our tours means you choose can see as much or as little of a particular destination as you like, based on the time you have available. We have carefully chosen departure dates that compliment a wide range of our tours to allow you to combine itineraries in various parts of the continent if you want to see as much as possible while you’re there. Once you’re underway, if you decide that you’d like to stay an extra day in a particularly interesting place, or skip a section of the tour, it is possible to do that and then join your group later on.
Tailor made and customized tours – We specialize in tailor-made and customized travel.

Mai Chau – Pu Luong Trekking Tour 3 Days / 2 Nights

10. Expert road crew

The key to a successful adventure is the right kind of leadership

The support of expert road crew is especially important in countries where the language and culture is very different from our own. Green Discovery Indochina Travel tour leaders know our destinations very well, and are adept at getting the very best out of the destinations we visit. This means everything from back street restaurants serving delicious, cheap local food, to pointing out interesting sites to see and places to visit along the way.
All of our staff are carefully selected and trained to ensure that you are in the best hands, leaving you free to sit back, relax and enjoy your adventure travel holiday. They are friendly people chosen for their great personalities, passion for adventure travel, invaluable local knowledge and resourcefulness to overcome the occasional setback – probably without you noticing there even was one. Our adventures use a combination of different styles of leadership in order to maximise your enjoyment and experiences.
Green Discovery Indochina Travel tour leaders are adventure travel addicts from all over Vietnam, Laos and Cambodia. Tour leaders are full-time employees of Green Discovery Indochina Travel and will accompany you on your tour. Tour leaders are responsible for the day-to-day running of the tour, leaving you free to sit back, relax and enjoy your holiday.
Green Discovery Indochina Travel local representatives will assist you at times when your tour leader may not be available.
Local reps own and operate their own local businesses, and on occasion they are responsible for meet and greet and transfers.
Local guides accompany many of our excursions. Their knowledge of the local area and familiarity with its customs and history will enhance your experiences and lift your adventure travel trip out of the ordinary.

Change it to suit! – 90% of our clients tailor the tour to suit their price & interests!

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