Jenny Nguyen (Ms.)

Jenny Nguyen

Hi everyone. My name is Jenny Nguyen. I grew up in Vietnam. Over the years I’ve discovered that in Vietnam we have a lot of beautiful places and I would love to share them with the world. Right now I live in Australia where I’m lucky to call my home of 25 years.  So I would love introduce the beauty of my homeland to the friends worldwide.  Especially, I would love to bring you to Vietnam, a country of breathtaking natural beauty with interesting history, unique culture and delectable cuisine. Laos our neighbour country is blessed with incredible views and diverse terrains, and the tropical climate creates the perfect setting in which to enjoy mountain, cave and water adventures. I also would like to introduce you Cambodia. Another reason we love Cambodia is because it offers a bucolic, offbeat escape from the modern world. Cambodia is a beautiful, tropical country that is still blissfully undeveloped and retains its unique character. The unspoilt countryside is an idyllic patchwork of rich, luscious, emerald green paddy fields. Once you arrive, you will quickly fall in love with these countries.