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Halong Bay - 7 Natural Wonders Of The World

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Halong literally means “descending dragon”. Legend states that an enormous dragon caused the phenomenon of Halong Bay by thrashing its tail against the earth, crEating  the huge bays before descending into the sea. Another legend says that the giant limestone rocks themselves are dragons, protecting Vietnam from hostile invaders. Certainly the bay has played an important part in protecting the country from foreign aggressors. On at least two occasions the Vietnamese repelled marauding Chinese fleets near here.

Halong Bay is an impressive collection of over 3,000 islands covering an area in excess of 1,500km in the Gulf of Tonkin, 170km east of Hanoi. The bay was formed as a result of millions of years of erosion on the limestone rocks. When the last ice age ceased, the seas rose as the glaciers melted, flooding the entire area. As a result, the hills transformed into the islands we see today.


When the best time to visit Halong bay

The best time of year to visit Halong Bay is during the spring or fall; especially from March to May with the chance of sunshine (It is more often than not very misty). As the bay is situated in the northern part of the country, it can get colder in the fall and winter, and though you won’t see extremes such as blizzards, it’s still a lousy place to be when it gets cold. This area is one of the most popular destinations for vacations in Vietnam. Though there will be more tourists in the area in the spring and summer, the area is still a good place to go. In some situations, it’s actually better that there are more people there. There will be more places to go for food and more entertainment in the area. When the weather is good you can go out in the bay on a junk, or a boat, and take a tour of the area. You can go swimming if you wish and just explore the beauty of the area. You can’t do all of that in the fall and winter because it gets too cold. When you visit the area you should pack a swim suit, some shorts and a t-shirt. You should have enough clothes to keep you comfortable.

If you travel Halong from August to November, there may be infrequent typhoons and your cruise may be cancelled. In that case be sure to contact your agent for alternative solutions and in many cases, choose to stay one or two nights in a hotel on the mainland and the next day you may continue the cruise with sunshine.


Getting There & Away

Taking a tour is certainly convenient, and many are very cheap. Especially, Our Company can design itineraries for you.

It’s also possible to head here independently. The regular run is by bus from Hanoi to Bai Chay (Halong city), and then by Xe Om or Taxi to Bai Chay harbor.

There are also tour boats running from Bai Chay via Halong Bay to Cat Ba Island. Alternatively, head directly to Cat Ba Island from Hanoi and arrange a boat trip from there to explore Lan Ha Bay.


Sights & Activities


Halong Bay’s islands are peppered with caves, many now illuminated with Technicolor lighting effects.

Hang Dau Go (Cave of Wooden Stakes) is a huge cave consisting of three chambers with you reach via 90 steps. Among stalactites of the first hall, scores of gnomes appear to be holding a meeting. The walls of the second chamber sparkle if bright light is shone on them. Part of the same system, the nearby Hang Thien Cung has “cauliflower” limestone growths as well as stalactites and stalagmites.

Hang Sung Sot (The Surprise Cave) has three vast chambers; in the second there’s a pink – lit rock phallus, called the “Cock Rock” by some guides. Not surprisingly it’s regarded as a fertility symbol.

Hang Trong (Drum Grotto) is named because when the wind blows through its stalactites and stalagmites, the effect resembles the sound of distant drumbeats.


Dao Titop (Titop Island) is a small island with a scruffy little beach. Make straight for the island’s summit for superb panoramic views of Halong Bay.

Cat Ba Island is the most developed of Halong Bay’s Islands and Cat Ba Town is very close to the gorgeous Lan Ha Bay region.


A kayak among the karsts is an option on most Halong Bay tours. Count on about an hour’s padding, often including negotiating your way through karst grottoes and around lagoons, or to a floating village in the bay. The villagers here farm fish, which are caught offshore and fattened up in netted enclosures. Most tour operators include a visit as part of their Halong Bay itineraries. These are probably also where your evening meal will come from.


My Way Restaurant and Bar: No 164c, Cat Ba Fishing Port, Cat Ba, Vietnam

Mr Zoom Restaurant: 25 1/4 Nui Ngoc and street food at local night market, Cat Ba (Phone: 01649444024)

Green Mango: D 1-4 Cat Ba Town, Cat Ba (Phone: +84 313887151)

Phuong Phuong Restaurant: 232 1-4 Street, Cat Ba (phone: +0084313888254)

Quang Anh Cat Ba Restaurant: Ben Beo, Cat Ba Island, Cat Ba, Vietnam

There is also a number of floating restaurants with fresh seafood

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