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Which destinations from package tour and adventure tour should you travel in Vietnam from September to November?

All journeys have secret destinations of which the traveler is unaware (Martin Buber).

However, in this article, we will reveal for you some memorable places that you can get the first awareness as key guiding before taking any package tour and adventure tour when coming to Vietnam from September to November

1.Coming to the North mountains to see the ripen rice season

Sapa (75)

When the autumn is coming and if you have opportunity to go to the North Vietnam this season,you will be amazed at a large area with a lot of golden ripenterraced rice fields in the clear blue sky, mixed with the colorful costumes of the ethnic people.

The best recognizing beautiful sightseeing if you can take any package tour are namely Nam Ty (Hoang Su Phi – HaGiang), Mu Cang Chai (Yen Bai) and terracing fields in Sapa, Mai Chau

REMEMBER! September to November season for seeing ripen rice fields

2.Sleeping overnight in Ha Long Bay

10-Halong Tourist boat set sail


Be one of the Seven Natural Wonders of the New World, Ha Long Bay (QuangNinh) is the preferring destination of those who want to immerse themself in nature.

Lying on a large sundeck of the boat, you can feel the vast blue sky in day time or with lighting moon and stars at night time, floating on the ocean waves and smelling the salty seawater. All of these will be the enjoyable feeling when exploring one of the most beautiful wonders in the world. On the other hand, normally when you take any package tour that be included  boat trip, you will be taken to visit around the bay, watch the caves and rock mountain, as well as participate in outdoor activities such as kayaking, fishing on boat at night, attending Vietnamese cooking lessons and finally doing Tai Chi exercises in the morning.

3.Climbing to Fansipan, the roof top of Indochina

Ha Giang (93)

 Located at an altitude of 3,143m over sea level, Fansipan is the conquering target of many young adventurers who want to challenge their toughness and capability.

The feeling when touching the tip with the inscription on Fansipan and shouting “roof of Indochina” will dispel all your tiredness in the road climbing over.

Beside that, the joy and pride will come when you have overcome challenges to achieve the things you want. Commonly, people will climb to Fansipan by group or following any adventure tours because you really need the expert guider/coach who will conduct and protect you in each steps of the adventure.

The best time to conquer Fansipan is from OCTOBER to NOVEMBER

4.Lying on the boat watching the lanterns in Hoi An at full moon day

5-Hoi An Ancient Town

Known as the World Cultural Heritage, Hoi Anhas the ancient enchanting beauty at night time. Perhaps, you also viewed many images of old towns and lanterns around the world. However, every moment in different places will get totally different experiences that imbued the culture of such country. Lying on the boat, watching the panorama of the old town along Hoai River, seeing the mellow light from lanterns, you absolutely will have the new feeling. Everything is like the slow vivid dreamy motions. In addition, combining with looking at the full moon sky, the completely comfortable feel will raise inside you.

5.Exploring Son Doong cave


Son Doong cave (QuangBinh, Vietnam) is known as the largest natural cave in the world. With the height of more than 200m, width of 150m, length at least 6.5 km with endless wall of beautiful stalactites, Son Doong cave is the challenge that conquers many explorers.

Following the comments of National Geographic Magazine (USA): “There are woods in a cave, large enough to accommodate a skyscraper in New York. Their end point is infinite”. That inspires many adventurers to discoverthis giant cave in their adventure tour in Vietnam

You need at least 6 days to enable to explore the cave with the most time in walking and climbing. Therefore, before attending in this adventure journey, you need to get your serious physical exercises/fitness to not only train your toughness, but also train your health.

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