Bui Thai Hai (Mr.)

Bui Thai Hai - Car Manager

Bui Thai Hai has joined our Green Discovery Indochina team since 2012 and working as Vehicle Manager. Hai have been involved in travel and tourism in Vietnam for over 20 years. He knows well about Vietnam as he used to be a leader of the drivers and drive around Vietnam many years before decided to join our team and working as a Vehicle Manager. Almost of our Photography clients known Hai as an amateur photographer and always accompanies with our famous Photographer around Vietnam like Australian Photographer John Mouds, Peking Express film crews, Karl Marten, Hernan Perez, Thomas Koopmans, Morrie Carter from USA…Hai is so excited to show you around Vietnam – The most stunning and beautiful places. His forte was portraits and landscape photography. If you are interested on Photography or Film, this guy is yours!